Beautiful @*!

This was a conversation between my boys the other night and all Joey and I could do was hide our faces and laugh. Background-Noah for his birthday a several years ago got a bunch of animals that look real including a Donkey. Logan thinks it funny to call the donkey by it's other name. So here goes the conversation. Logan (picking up the donkey)-Look at this ass? Noah-That's a nice ass Logan-Do you like my ass? Noah (Taking the donkey for Logan)-This is a beautiful ass. I'm going to take a picture of this beautiful ass. Logan-That is a beautiful ass. After Noah took a picture of the donkey with his cell phone he sent the picture to Joey and asked... Noah-Dad do you like my beautiful ass? I love my boys and I can't tell you the tears that I was crying over the conversation.


This Little Piggy!!!

***WARNING GRAPHIC PICTURE**** We spent the night in the ER with our daughter Hadley, she was playing outside with her brothers and while Logan was hammering a tree she started to climb the tree and he got her middle toe on the left foot. She came in and was crying but when I washed it off I could tell she need to go the hospital. Her little piggy was split and hanging there. After 6 hours and a visit with the plastic surgeon her little piggy is back on. It has a 50/50 chance of surviving. If the blood vessels reattach it may survive if not the will have to shave down the bone and then she will have a short toe. They put her in a boot and told me to try and keep her off of it and keep it elevated. Good Luck to us!!!


Out of the Cast and Into Ponseti!!!!

Emmett has graduated from the cast to the shoes. He is on his first day of the special shoes that he will wear all the time for 3 months and then wear at night until he is 3 years old. I was not real good at making Logan wear the shoes but Emmett's shoes are a little different and seem to be better shoes. I will be stronger and make sure that he wears them he has done so well through his treatment, he is a great baby and really snuggly, I know he will do good with the new shoes too!! The shoes are called Ponseti's and are kinda cute.


Emmett's Pictures!!!!

My friend Aubrey got me the pictures she took of Emmett when he was 4 days old and they turned out so cute. I love them all. Thanks so much Aubrey your the best!!!!


Lemonade 4 Sale

Joey made the boys a lemonade stand and we had our Grand Opening yesterday!!! They sold 22 glasses of Fresh Squeezed Lemonade and made $5.50 each. They are going to sell the Lemonade Monday's, Wednesday's and Friday's this summer from 3:00-until 5:45pm because at that time Noah has to go to Fencing Class. They looked so cute out there with there Lemonade. I will post pictures soon.


Emmett's Feet

We are on week 4 for Emmett's casts and everything is going really well. Other than that first week where they put the one cast on to tight things have gone good. We go back in next week for one more set of casts and on week 6 he gets surgery and then they stay on for 3 weeks and then it''s on to the shoes!!!


Emmett Benjamin Hoecherl

Emmett has arrived at last!!! He came out on April 22nd at 1:21 pm. He was 8 lbs 6 oz. and 20 inches. He is my biggest baby yet !!! Everything went great only 5 hours of labor from start to finish. 3 big pushes and out he came. He is absolutely adorable and I think that he is going to get plenty of love in this family. I'm so blessed as a mom to have such a sweet, healthy baby. I love the sweet spirit he has already brought into our home.